Bresca Dorada

Bresca Dorada was born in 1985 in the territory of Muravera, in an uncontaminated valley between the sea and the mountains. The farm land is covered by spontaneous Mediterranean scrub, myrtle, mastic tree, cistus, strawberry tree, by numerous varieties of fruit plants like quinces, olive trees, citrus fruits and by borders and hedges of aromatic and medicinal plants.

The company has been certified organic since 2013 and is located in a land of 6.5 hectares where liqueurs, jams and salts flavoured with the fruits provided by the region are produced.


Bresca, which in Sardinian means wax honeycomb containing honey, gave us the name Bresca Dorada which became the trademark of a project which started in the 80s, pursuing the dream of the countryside and putting down roots with a great passion for beekeeping.

Today Bresca Dorada continues to cultivate a passion for the area through the production of myrtle, liqueurs and local products, with the same respect we learned from bees. “We believe in experience. What we’ve learned with the art of beekeeping and what we offer to our customers, the result of an awareness gained in the field: there’s no such thing as natural agriculture. Rather, loving and respecting nature means entering into symbiosis with it, rejecting incorrect and destructive practices. For us, organic and sustainable means enhancing and preserving the value of the region. Anyone who buys Bresca Dorada doesn’t just consume a product; they become part of a project.”

The new accommodation facility is integrated into this project, built following the dictates of bio-architecture which focus on the wellbeing and health of the person, respect for the surrounding environment, favouring the use of certified natural materials and the use of design techniques and constructions which allow a high level of energy efficiency.