Muravera and its surroundings

The south of Sardinia offers long stretches of sandy shores which plunge into the crystalline sea, coves set between high rocky promontories and exciting trails to explore on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback.

In many parts of the area, where nature always reigns, you can admire the traces of the Nuragic civilisation, with tombs, sacred wells and nuraghes, and those of the mining industry, which was active in the area until the first half of the 1900s. Everywhere there are the distinctive signs of Sardinian agro-pastoral tradition like the “pinnettus”, the ancient hut built with juniper branches and stones, still used today by shepherds to find shelter from the sun and the rain.

A few kilometres from Domu Bresca you’ll find the towns of Costa Rei and Capo Ferrato and the residential area of Muravera with its delightful historic centre.


The nearby Feraxi beach is crystalline sea and three kilometres of bronze-coloured sand, alternating cliffs and beach surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. Suitable for families and independent travellers who are looking for a close relationship with nature. There are numerous hiking trails and viewpoints in the surrounding area.


7 Fratelli Park

The Sette Fratelli Regional Park, located in the Sarrabus region, in South-East Sardinia, is a real green lung of the island, an ideal place for relaxing and regenerating excursions.

With about 60 thousand hectares of land covered by forest, it is one of the most interesting areas in the region from a landscape, fauna and naturalistic point of view.

Numerous hiking trails are available for visitors, allowing them to reach the most important sites, like the museum dedicated to the Sardinian deer, the botanical garden, the Sa Fraigada nuraghe and the Is Concias Tomb of the Giants.

costa rei

A little jewel of the Muravera area. A tourist resort characterised by kilometres of white beach which contrasts with the turquoise of the sea and the intense green of the vegetation.

COSTA REI (40).jpeg
CAPO FERRATO (41). jpeg


The wild promontory of Capo Ferrato extends from Monte Ferru. Through a short trekking route, you can reach the panoramic lighthouse which opens up the view to the whole region of Muravera. It is an untouched place where you can enjoy just the sound of the waves and of the sea, and small bays of golden sand.