Sustainable tourism

Domu Bresca was built in perfect harmony with the environment. It was designed for the well-being of its guests in alignment with the responsibility of guardians of the territory. An ethical, avant-garde project, the hotel represents support for a new form of eco-sustainable tourism.

The hotel was built according to the principles of Bio-architecture, favouring the use of certified environmentally friendly building materials and the use of design and construction techniques that allow a high degree of energy efficiency. The use of synthetic insulating materials was therefore excluded and the use of construction materials with a high environmental impact was limited to that which was strictly necessary.

The edifice was built with a wooden frame structure, clay bricks, and raw earth panels. It has spaces made of Sardinian cork to protect it from the elements and was plastered with clay and straw. The structure is equipped with a ventilation system that consists of a modern heat pump solution, which provides both air conditioning and ventilation to the internal environments in a sustainable use of energy. The system ensures continuous air exchange which prevents the rise of carbon dioxide levels. Before entering the rooms, the air outside is conditioned, pollen filtered, and treated through a sanitization and ionization system, in order to guarantee high-quality air that is free of bacteria, odours and viruses.

The result is a welcoming, intimate, and atmosphere which is conducive to well-being and which highlights local Sardinian tradition.